After tourism boost, Spain’s sweetest treat conquers the globe

MADRID — Few things are quite as quintessentially Spanish as the Chocolateria San Ginés, off Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. Filled with older Spanish couples dressed to the nines, guiris or tourists, and even a few celebs, this thriving restaurant only sells a handful of things: relaxing cups of cafe con leche, fresh orange juice, and the main event — churros con chocolate caliente.

Since 1894, the city of the night’s only 24-hour source of food — besides the storefront pizza places that have popped up over the last few years — has thrived through the Spanish-American War, the Spanish Civil War, a 36-year dictatorship, an economic boom and downfall to remain the staple of Madrileño breakfasts and hangovers. But after more than a century, San Ginés is suddenly attracting foreign investors and beginning to spread worldwide, due to a recent surge in Spanish tourism and the fact that a treat whose main ingredients are flour and frying oil is essentially recession-proof.

Dip right in!




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