Community Builder / Manager, Quote Roller software
“Jennifer is a person that every company should have on board. Her positive attitude glues everyone together and brightens conference calls. Jen is extremely responsible and overdelivers before deadlines. She learns fast! Show her how to do something once, and never worry about it again. Jennifer constantly grows and masters her skills. She has been invaluable to building our content strategy at Quote Roller and PandaDoc and the results are fantastic. If you have an opportunity to hire her, do it!
Sasha Kovaliov, Chief Marketing Officer (managed Jennifer directly at Quote Roller / PandaDoc)

Writer, Gloucester County Times
“Jen was one of the brightest young writers I’ve worked with in almost 24 years at the Gloucester County Times. She had a “go-get-’em” attitude no matter what we asked her to do, whether it was a fluffy feature piece, harder-hitting news or even street-level gritty breaking news.” January 15, 2008
Jim Six, Columnist, Gloucester County Times (managed Jennifer indirectly at Gloucester County Times)

Editor-in-Chief, The Beacon Weekly

“As Editor-in-Chief at the Beacon, Jennifer was an outstanding professional. Jennifer had a great rapport with her staff and had an excellent work ethic. Jennifer dedicated herself to her work at the paper, seeing the newspaper as a reflection of herself. Jennifer brings a tireless spirit to everything she does.” April 23, 2008
Christopher Conzen, Assistant Director of Campus Activities, William Paterson University (worked with Jennifer indirectly)

“Jennifer was a pleasure to work for and with. She was precise, thorough, knowledgeable, and fair.” April 22, 2008
Brian Morris, Staff Writer, The Beacon Weekly (reported to Jennifer)

These, along with other professional references, can be read on Jennifer’s LinkedIn profile.


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